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The Ultimate List of Stock Sites: Where to Buy Images for Commercial Use

Are you looking for the perfect images to enhance your creative projects? Finding the right image for commercial use that match your theme and style can be a challenge. Even more so if you are working on a budget. Fortunately, we know of stock photo websites that offer premium quality, royalty free images for commercial use. Whether you need them for your blog, website or products, here is a list of stock photo resources available online.

  1. Stock Photo Secrets. SPS is a well-established stock photo website that offers not only high quality images, but also relevant information about the industry. It is a one-stop shop, where you can buy images for commercial use and learn more about stock photography. They recently added Extended License image packs to their offering, allowing you to use their images for commercial purposes.With SPS’s Extended License, you can access over 5 million premium royalty-free images – plus, 100,000 more added every month. You can use them in any project for as long as you like, as well as in products for resale and over 300,000 printed copies. The stock site offers images between $22 and $80 each, depending on the size of the pack and if you have an existing subscription plan with them.
  2. Also a reputable stock photo agency, Depositphotos has over 60 million high quality image in their collection. They have a wide offer in cheap stock photos, including an option for Extended License on all images. Images for commercial use are available in image packs and subscription plans.

 The Extended License, on the other hand, is only available as on-demand packs. You pay for them in advance and use them whenever you need within one year. One image costs $89, but image packs can get you the photos for commercial use at an even lower rate. Depending on how much are willing to invest, you can purchase images for as low as $64 each.

  1. Shutterstock is one of the most popular stock photo agencies in the market, and for good reason. They have the largest stock photo collection at over 180 million. They offer royalty free images at super low prices. If you are looking to buy images for commercial use, they also offer Extended License (Enhanced as they call it) at reasonable price points.

 Photos for commercial use are available in packs, starting at $199 for 2 images. Of course, the larger the pack your purchase means the bigger your savings. Depending on how many you want to buy, images are priced between $68 and $99.50 each. The packs are valid for one year, so you have a lot of time to use the stock images for commercial use.

Out of these three, what is the best source for buying images for commercial use? offers the cheapest deals in the market without compromising quality. Their handpicked collection of royalty free images is very well worth the price. At only $22, you can enhance your creative projects. You wouldn’t find images with prices this low at the best quality.

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